It's never too late to join the Twitter storm that has been brewing. Please tweet a serious B&W picture of yourself holding a message/sign and the hashtag #FREEKeithLaMar. If you don't have Twitter, just email a picture to info@keithlamar.org and we will do it for you!

Some possible sayings for your sign:

  • Ohio LIED about Keith

  • Don’t murder my friend

  • Prosecutorial misconduct!


  • Someone else CONFESSED

  • Why did you hide the evidence?

  • Prosecute the PROSECUTORS!

  • Ohio: You’re the murderers!

  • STOP the madness!

  • Death = INJUSTICE

  • Freedom = JUSTICE

  • 23 years in solitary confinement?!

  • WTF, Ohio??!!!

  • Mark Piepmeier is a LIAR

  • Let’s talk about THIS!

  • etc.

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