Presently, Keith is focusing his attention on writing his autobiography and raising funds to support his literacy work with at-risk youth. In December of 2016, for example, Keith auctioned off this painting he made and was able to raise $850, which was used to buy books and literacy materials for at-risk youth caught up in juvenile detention through his Native Sons Literacy Project. This very large painting took him 130 hours to complete! In May 2017, Keith called in and spoke to a group of city of Cleveland high schoolers; he donated about 200 books to them, as well as made a sizable contribution to their school library! He avails himself to dialogue with kids in all sorts of classrooms, both at public and private schools, from middle school up through college age


Legal News

Though it was a long shot to begin with, Bomani heard on April 26, 2016, that the US Supreme Court rejected his writ of certiorari and would not hear his case. This meant he would have to wait for his execution date to be scheduled. Here he responds via a 30-second videogram.

In December of 2018, the State of Ohio scheduled Keith's execution for November 16, 2023. 


Keith's primary argument is that his Brady rights were deliberately violated by the withholding of evidence. The courts have never satisfactorily responded. The right thing to do/have done would have been to grant him access to the State's database of evidence (over 20,000 pieces exist!), but they refused. He is the only death-sentenced inmate from the Lucasville Uprising to be denied this type of access, even though the other men, once allowed to comb the files, began to find evidence that reveals his innocence (including a confession for a murder for which he is charged). 

Listen to his attorneys make oral arguments to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in December 2014 here. The three justices ultimately ruled against Keith.