Thank you to everyone who supported the hunger strike. After 9 days, the warden at OSP agrees to the very reasonable demands and the strike has ended.

Keith LaMar Begins Hunger Strike Monday, Nov. 9th, in Response to Cruel Restrictions!

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Correspondence from Keith:

9 November 2014
Dear All:

Bomani serious

I’m sending along a recent exchange I had with the new warden regarding property limits (as they relate to CDs and books). As you will see from his response, he has no intentions on reasoning with us. Apparently the deputy warden (Remmick), who has always had it in for us, got to him and prejudiced him against us (or maybe, which is just as possible, he came into the situation with preconceived notions). I know this because, since he’s been here, he has gone out of his way to show his disdain, even to the point of telling Jason Robb, “you know you don’t have anything coming.” I’ve dealt with his kind before, easily influenced, unwilling to compromise, and quick to resort to punitive practices. All this to say, it’s absolutely futile to appeal to his sense of fairness (at least not directly). Hence, I’ve written a letter to his boss, North Regional Director, Todd Ishee (a copy of that letter is posted below in the posted dated November 9 at 9:54pm). Mr. Ishee has shown himself to be inclined to resolution. So it’s important we direct our energy at him (and not to waste our time).

Obviously, my options are limited with respect to addressing the legal side of things. I’m not saying that an attempt shouldn’t be made, only that an actual remedy is remote and probably beyond our collective reach. This is how the system is set up, to make us feel powerless and out of our depth. “So why even try?” we ask ourselves. To go through this whole process and end at this place, utterly bewildered and bereft of the financial means to “fight the good fight” is beyond words-it truly is. But then I remind myself that there’s a broader view, a different (and deeper) way of looking at things:

I stand in the advancing light,
my hands hungry, the world beautiful.
My eyes can’t get enough of the trees—
they’re so hopeful and green.
A sunny road runs through the mulberries,
I’m at the window of the prison infirmary.
I can’t smell the medicines—
carnations must be blooming nearby.
It’s this way:
being captured is beside the point,
the point is not to surrender.
—Nazim Hikmet