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Meet Keith

For the past 28 years, Keith has maintained his innocence from solitary confinement, researching and studying his death penalty case from inside a steel cage the size of a closet. In spite of being unable to touch grass or feel the wind against his skin, Keith LaMar has cultivated a beautifully perceptive understanding about life and the system that railroaded him. One of the best ways to get to know Keith better is by hearing and reading him in his own words: 

Spoken Word &  Jazz

Watch and listen to the musical collaborations of Freedom First Jazz, under the direction of Albert Marquès, as they bring Keith's poetry and spoken word--recorded from death row--to life in the studio. 


Listen to The 730 Podcast with Wali White, Pieces of Man Podcast with Brian Jackson, and a variety of other programs.



Read Keith in his own words in a number of publications, including Mother Jones and San Francisco Bay View.

Native Sons Literacy Program

Check out Native Sons, the literacy program founded by Keith to help young people avoid the traps of the school-to-prison pipeline.

Listen to concerts and Zoom Talk-Ins that Keith has participated in at our Events page!


Keith holding a painting he did
from Solitary Confinement,
one he spent 120 hours on.

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