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Donate to Justice for Keith LaMar

Thank you for your support as we work to keep our fight for Justice For Keith LaMar alive and progressing! Any amount you can give--no matter large or small--will be greatly appreciated. It is tax-deductible... Our focus right is to get Keith back into court to fight for his freedom, through a thorough reinvestigation of his case. We're getting there! It takes so much effort and expense to challenge the State, but, together, we are doing it; and, as the old adage goes, many hands make light work.  You will be a part of this historic victory when Keith walks free from the cage that has wrongfully held him for over three decades now! 

-OR- You may also send a check/money order made out to: 

Justice for Keith LaMar

PO Box 3656

Youngstown, OH 44513

Note: Please do NOT make checks and/or money orders out to Keith, as we will not be able to deposit them. 

Set Up a Recurring Donation

Able to help Justice for Keith LaMar on an ongoing basis? Please set up your recurring payment at:

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