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Note: The FridayNov. 10th performance in Youngstown will be rescheduled. 


Recent Events



Jazz Concert Series for Keith 

Note: This tour is still in progress. See the above flyer for upcoming shows and cities...

La Sala de Pepe @ Nuyorican Poets Cafe

September 2023 – Manhattan, NY

ShapeShifter Lab – LIVE Album Recording

September 2023 – Brooklyn, NY

58 Jazzaldia Jazz Festival

July 2023 – San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain

Arts Center at Duck Creek

June 2023 – East Hampton, NY

Northwestern University – NPEP

April 2023 – Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Bop Stop Music Settlement

April 2023 – Cleveland, OH

BLU Jazz+

April 2023 – Akron, OH

Kenyon College Black Student Union

April 2023 – Gambier, OH

Michigan State University

April 2023 – East Lansing, MI


Recoleta Mapocho Fest

March 2023 – Santiago de Chile, Chile

Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami

March 2023 – Miami, FL


March 2023 – St. Felix De Llobregat, Spain

Teatre Auditori

March 2023 – Granollers, Catalonia, Spain

Circulo De Bellas Artes

February 2023 – Madrid, Spain

Iridia Festival

February 2023 – Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Black Music Festival

February 2023 – Girona, Catalonia, Spain


An interactive, multi-media sound sculpture by artist Mia Pearlman, made in collaboration with Keith LaMar and Albert Marquès. Learn more about and see Digest here.

March – July, 2023 Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, MI 

The Healing Project

In collaboration with artist and composer/pianist, Samora Pinderhughes, Keith's song Sweet was performed to a sold-out audience. 

February 2023– Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, NY

8th World Congress Agains the Death Penalty

Keith received the Innovation in Activism award for his campaign and Freedom First project with Albert Marquès

November 2022 – Rotes Rathaus (City Hall), Berlin, Germany

Freedom First: A Jazz Tribute & Benefit for Keith LaMar

Featuring Albert Marques (piano) & Keith LaMar (spoken word) from Ohio's Death Row; Caroline Davis (alto sax), Matt Garrison (bass guitar), Milena Casado (trumpet), Jerry Wilkie (tenor sax), Ari Hoenig (drums), Roy Nathanson (alto sax); Wali White (emcee)

Special guests from NYC's Institute for Collaborative Education (NYC public high school) joined us on stage to perform "On Living"

September 2022 – Joe's Pub, Manhattan, NY

Freedom First: A Concert & Dialogue

Featuring Albert Marques (piano) & Keith LaMar (spoken word) from Ohio's Death Row; Wali White (emcee)

June 2022 – Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

The Healing Project: Keith LaMar's Fight for Freedom

Featuring Samora Pinderhughes, Amy Gordiejew & Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row with an in-person audience of museum attenders

June 2022 – Yuerba Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Transformation, Music and Healing: A Virtual Conversation

Featuring Samora Pinderhughes & Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row with an online audience of invited museum members

May 2022 – Yuerba Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Freedom First: A Jazz Tribute & Benefit for Keith LaMar

Featuring Caroline Davis (alto sax), Manel Fortià (double bass), Gil Defay (trumpet), Salim Washington (tenor sax), Zack O'Farrill (drums), Albert Marquès (piano), Roy Nathanson (alto sax), Jason Fulford (spoken word), Will Ervin (dance) & Keith LaMar (spoken word) from Ohio's Death Row; Wali White (emcee)

May 2022 – Jazz Gallery, New York City, NY

Envisioning Justice, Imagining Freedom: A Virtual Event

Social studies educators and activists across Illinois in dialogue with Keith LaMar from Ohio's death row; College of Education's Dr. Asif Wilson, Dr. Rachel McMillian & Dr. Jon Hale (co-facilitators)

April 2022 -- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL

The FREEDOM FIRST Album Release Concert/Party

Featuring Roy Nathanson (alto sax), Nick Hakim (vocals), Ansy Defay (tenor sax), Keyanna Hutchison (guitar), Scott Colberg (double bass), Zack O'Farrill (drums), Gil Defay (trumpet), Albert Marquès (piano) & Keith LaMar (from Ohio's Death Row!); Wali White (emcee).

Special guests from NYC's Institute for Collaborative Education (NYC public high school): Elsa Franklin (trumpet), Philip Chirigos (alto sax), Giana Steckel (viola), Zane Reedy (flute), Rosetta Serrano (bass)

March 2022 – DROM, New York City, NY

I'm Still Breathing: The Fight for Keith LaMar's Life from Death Row in a White Supremacist America

Featuring Jason Fulford (cousin of Eric Garner whose final words,"I can't breathe," as NYC police choked him to death on national television) & Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row, sharing their experiences of channeling the personal traumas of growing up Black into moments of triumph through targeted actions that demand systemic response and social change; Amy Gordiejew (facilitator); one in-person and one virtual session with conference attendees

March 2022 – White Privilege Conference 23, Charlotte, NC

Zoom Talk-In with Educator/Author Dr. Bettina Love

University of Georgia's Abolition Education students studying under Dr. Love in dialogue with Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row

February 2022 – University of Georgia, Athens, GA


2nd Annual Justice for Keith LaMar Rally & 5k Run, Walk, & Bike 
Organized by Justice for Keith LaMar (a 501c3), supporters from several states took to the streets of Chicago to raise awareness and show support

November 2021 – Downtown Chicago, IL


Freedom First: A Jazz Tribute & Benefit for Keith LaMar

Featuring Salim Washington, Caroline Davis, Albert Marquès, Erin Corine, Marc Ayza, Freddie Quintero & Keith LaMar (spoken word) from Ohio's Death Row; Wali White (emcee)

November 2021 – Northwestern University, Evanston, IL


Re-Envisioning Justice: Jazz, Protest & Organizing, A Conversation with Keith LaMar & Supporters

Featuring Zelda Edmunds, Wali White, Salim Washington, Caroline Davis, Jason Fulford, Albert Marquès, Erin Corine, Marc Ayza, Freddie Quintero, Amy Gordiejew & Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row engaging with an audience of university students and professors, as well as community members

November 2021 -- Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

My Story: Keith LaMar, Interview with Louisa Patterson-Brown

Liverpool’s Black & Global Majority (BGM) Student Network founder in dialogue with Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row. Article

July 2021  Hope University, Liverpool, UK

Unreeling Storytelling: Human Like You

Jason Fulford and Devan Sandiford, founders of Unreeling Storytelling, in dialogue with Keith LaMar from Ohio's Death Row, along with their Zoom audience

May 2021 -- Charlotte, NC

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 10.18.07 AM.png

Watch Freedom First III: A Jazz Tribute to Keith LaMar

June, 2021 — Musicians United NYC — Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY


Watch DePaul University's Steans Center OCE Live Zoom Talk-In

May, 2021 — Chicago, IL


• Watch Wheaton College's Justice Series Zoom Talk-In

April, 2021 — Wheaton, IL

Watch Northwestern University’s Prison Education Program Zoom Talk-In

January, 2021 — Evanston, IL

Watch Freedom First II: A Jazz Tribute to Keith LaMar

October, 2020 — Musicians United NYC — Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan, NY

Watch Locks: Prison Systems and Racial Profiling, a Conversation

September, 2020 — BlackFest — Liverpool, England

Watch Freedom First I: A Jazz Tribute to Keith LaMar

August, 2020 Musicians United NYC — Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY


Interested in hosting an event to help elevate Keith's profile/raise awareness about the injustice system? Contact: We would love to help arrange it with you!

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