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About our Nonprofit Organization: Justice for Keith LaMar

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Justice for Keith LaMar was established in December 2020 in the state of Ohio as a nonprofit organization. Our aim is threefold: 

Purpose 1: To Raise Legal Defense Funds for Wrongfully-Convicted Persons

Purpose 2: Social Justice Projects & Restitution

Purpose 3: Fighting the School-to-Prison Pipeline through Literacy 


Purpose 1: At present, Justice for Keith LaMar is raising funds to pay for private and/or supplementary legal defense services for Keith LaMar as he fights vigorously for full exoneration from death row in Ohio for crimes he did not commit. He is scheduled for execution November 16, 2023. To that end, we will elevate Keith LaMar’s public profile at this most crucial time in his case, through social media, public and online events, and the distribution/sales of publications, promotional materials, and merchandise. We will ensure that moneys contributed with the intention of seeking justice for Keith LaMar either directly impact his legal defense fund, or are subsequently used to promote social justice and/or restitution projects (see Purpose 2). 


Purpose 2: Justice for Keith LaMar is dedicated to promoting social justice projects & restitution in communities where harm has taken place. Any unused moneys contributed in good faith for Keith's LaMar legal defense and/or beyond his exoneration may be allocated for meaningful social justice and/or restitution projects that provide assistance to individuals/groups, particularly the wrongfully convicted (at the discretion of the Board). Please submit your request for consideration for legal defense support, social justice projects and/or restitution by JFKL here. Your request will be reviewed at our quarterly board meeting, and you will receive an email response indicating our decision: a contribution, a request for further information, a declination, or a referral to another agency(ies) that may be of assistance.

Purpose 3. While fighting his wrongful conviction, Keith LaMar founded the Native Sons Literacy Project in 2016, providing literacy materials and establishing book clubs for at-risk students in public high schools and detention facilities in New York City and Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio. The project has allowed him to make a positive and meaningful contribution to society even while incarcerated and fighting his wrongful conviction. As an organizationJustice for Keith LaMar is committed to the dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline and understands the crucial role of literacy in that process; thus, we will ensure that any funds raised and earmarked for the Native Sons Literacy Project are used in accordance. Please submit your request for literacy materials here.

Justice for Keith Lamar is organized exclusively for purposes pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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