Get Involved

If you're wondering how to support Keith LaMar, here are a few ways:


1. Go to the Facebook page “Justice for Keith LaMar" and like it. This way you will get the most recent updates as they come in. You could also share the page to make your friends aware of Keith's case and to help enlarge his circle of support.


2. Order Keith's book, Condemned, online from Amazon. Please read it and pass it on to someone. Talk about it.

3. Schedule to have Keith speak (via phone or video conference) with your youth groups, social justice groups, etc. Send a message to to make arrangements.


4. Read Keith's writings/articles and engage people in the dialogue about the bigger issue of mass incarceration.

5. Listen to Conversations from Death Row to hear Keith's insightful perspective on many hot topics. Share these links with your friends!


6. Challenge and support your politicians to take action on behalf of those falsely imprisoned. Vote for those who fight to abolish the death penalty and who legislate for social justice.

7. Add your email address to the Support for Keith LaMar group to get important legal updates. 


8. Support Native Sons, Keith LaMar's literacy program, with a financial contribution or book donations. 100% of all donations benefit inner-city at-risk youth through literacy programming and book donations. Get more information here


9. Write to Keith to let him know you care:


Keith LaMar #317-117
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

10. Help support Keith LaMar's outreach work by funding his phone account. Create an account at Connect Network GTL and search for him by his inmate number 317117 in Ohio. From there, you will be able to fund his phone account (Select the option "pin debit" for phone contributions. The option "trust fund" puts dollars on his commissary account).